21 Day Police Recruitment Performance Booster Challenge

Planned Calendar of events

Starting Tuesday 1st December

All times are subject to change – Recordings will be made of all webinars and other live events in case you miss any of them:

  • Tuesday 1st December at 7pm – Webinar: Mindset for Achievement – What actions do those who are successful consistently take and how to duplicate them. Challenge Number 1 to be set.

  • Wednesday 2nd December at 1pm – Webinar: Working out your ‘Why’ – what is motivating you to be a Police Officer? If you don’t get this right you could fail at application form or Final / In-Force Interview Stage. Challenge Number 2 to be set

  • Thursday 3rd December at 7pm – Interactive Webinar – What are you struggling with? Questions that need answers?

  • Friday 4th and Saturday 5th – Work on your Challenges!

  • Sunday 6th December at 6pm – Webinar – Advanced Interview Skills – Why you need to SAARLKU and how to put it into practice

  • Monday 7th December at 11am – Facebook Live – Keeping up the Momentum

  • Tuesday 8th December at 6pm – Interactive ‘UnWebinar’ – We all meet up, you set the agenda, we work on it and practice assessment and interview skills – Challenge Number 3 to be set

  • Wednesday 9th December at 1pm – Introduction to the National Decision Model and how to utilise it for Police Scotland Group Exercise and Situational Interview Questions

  • Thursday 10th December at 7pm – Webinar: ‘Awakening the Citizen’ – Exploring one of the biggest challenges the police face – how to enable and support communities? Putting Sir Robert Peel’s 1829 Principles into action. Essential for Police Now, Stage 3 Online Assessment Centre and Final / In-Force Interview – Challenge Number 4 to be set.

  • Friday 11th and Saturday 12th – Work on your Challenges

  • Sunday 13th December at 6pm – Webinar: Common Interview Mistakes and how to avoid them

  • Monday 14th December at 1100 – Facebook Live – Celebrating a culture of progress and keeping up the momentum

  • Tuesday 15th December at 7pm – Webinar: Using the CUDSAR NonContact Conflict Management Model to manage Role Plays (PSNI, GMP Detective Assessment and Police Now) and Situational Questions. Challenge Number 5 to be set.

  • Wednesday 16th December at 1pm – Webinar: The importance of Authenticity and Emotional Awareness in your Interview

  • Thursday 17th December at 7pm – Webinar: Strength and Value Based Interviews. Challenge Number 6 to be set.

  • Friday 18th December at 1pm – Webinar: More Advanced Community Problem Solving – useful for Stage 3 OAC, Police Now, Final / In-Force Interview

  • Saturday 19th December – Mystery Webinar

  • Sunday 20th December – Mystery Webinar

  • Monday 21st December – Final Facebook Live – What next and Prize Awards!

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