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Application Form Services

Ensure your application stands out and is free from the costly errors
Get Your Application Form Checked Now

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Application Course and all the additional bonuses

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Application Form Checking Services

Ensure your application stands out and is free from the costly errors

Application Form Checking Service

Are you about to complete an application form to join the police service through an online process or paper-based application? Make sure it is the best it can be, and let us help you out. Bluelight’s application checking service will ensure your application is in excellent shape, and will ensure you get through to the next stage of recruitment.

Bluelight’s application checking will help you make your application stand out from the others, allowing you to be noticed among the countless applications filled in each year. We will also make sure that there are no easily avoidable errors in your application that can easily cost you a place in the next stage of the process.

What will I get?

For just £69, Bluelight will check your entire application form in detail, and provide the following:

Bespoke guidance for the specific force you are applying to, including advice on the online screening tests used by some forces

Detailed feedback on the content of your application form

A second check of your form once any recommended amendments have been made

Don’t fall at the very first hurdle! Bluelight can ensure that the application form will not stand in the way of your future career.

Application Course and all the additional bonuses

What will I get?

For only £9.99, you will gain access to the ‘Application Form Ready’ Online Course, which includes:

Developing Your ‘Why’
Embedding the Code of Ethics and Competency and Values Framework into your life
Commercial Awareness
The Impact of Being a Police Officer
How to Complete Your Application Form
and more!

Each month, a new video will be added to help support you throughout your journey. We’re in it for the long haul!

All this, as well as some incredible bonuses:

Membership of an exclusive private Facebook Group for course members only, where you can join thousands of other members for support during your journey to success

Invitations to regular interactive webinars, where Brendan will help you to develop and adopt the competencies and values on which you will be assessed

Weekly Facebook Lives by Brendan, where he will help you build your momentum and encourage the taking of regular action towards your goals

Access to interviews with influential thought leaders and stakeholders in the police service

Regular guidance on fitness and nutrition from our resident ex-Forces PTI, to ensure you are ‘Recruit Ready’ in respect to your heath and fitness

Insider information on the future of police recruitment from Brendan due to his seats on various police organisations

Access to the Bluelight Podcast on the day of publication

What do our clients say about us?

Contact us for further information and costs.

Terms and Conditions

For the ‘Fail at the Online Assessment Centre and receive a FULL refund’ policy, the following Terms and Conditions apply:

Your purchase must have been made from 23rd October 2020 onwards.

You must send proof of failure to info@bluelightconsultancy.com on the same day you receive notification (the end of the day is defined as 2359hrs).

You must send proof via www.WeTransfer.com that you have completed all of the worksheets (exceeding the required word counts) as well as your five 5-minute practice videos for each one of the questions that form your Stage 2 practice and the 3 minute answers to the questions in the Stage 3 Briefing Exercise to info@bluelightconsultancy.com. This proof must also be sent on the same day as notification of failure.

Please note: This service enables you to carry out a digital download of the information and guidance held within the course. As such, as soon as you register or are provided access to the Client Only Facebook Group, where further guidance is held in digital form, no refund is available.

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