Supporting You in the Police Recruitment Process

Supporting You in the Police Recruitment Process

  • Successful application submission
  • Succeeding at the Police Recruit National Assessment Centre
  • Support for Final Interview
  • Passing the Police Fitness Test

Succeeding in the Police Recruitment process for the rank of Constable has never been so competitive  With tens of thousands of candidates applying for a small number of places your application form, performance at the National Recruit Assessment Centre and the Final Interview has to consistently be exceptional.

Over the past three years over 1200 candidates have succeeded in the police recruitment process as a result of the guidance and support provided by Bluelight for every stage of the process. All of those who have been coached for the highly competitive Constable to Inspector Fast Track recruitment process have passed.

We’re so confident in our coaching ability that we will provide you with a full refund if you fail your National Recruit Assessment Centre following the full completion of our online course. How fair is that?

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