Ready for the Police Assessment Centre Interview?

Ready for the Police Assessment Centre Interview?

The College of Policing have recently changed the format of the National Police Assessment Centre interview. Instead of four questions from the six Police Competencies you will now be asked two questions to assess your motivation and values and two questions from the Police Competency Framework. There’s no indication of which of those competencies you will be asked questions from – they could be marked across two or three related competencies.

The motivational / value questions will also have links to the competencies. There are plenty of the sub competencies within each competency that lend themselves to these areas – I examine this in great detail in Bluelight’s Police Assessment Centre Preparation Course.

Despite the College of Policing attempting to make the interview phase more challenging, the questions they ask are still based on the competencies. Which means (with my support) you can predict what the questions will be on the day.

Once you know what the questions will be you can then develop six or seven examples from your past of when you have excelled that you can use as a base for answering any question you might be asked.

Similarly with the motivation / values based questions. There are only so many that can be asked, which also gives you the edge in that you can develop an answer, practice it in an interview scenario, and then on the day deliver a high scoring performance.

This is about developing answers based on what you have achieved in the past and who you are – there’s nothing unethical about practicing your answers for the career of a lifetime. There’s not one Chief Constable who hasn’t been coached and supported in a similar way for their promotion boards. If this type of preparation is good for them, why not for you?

On my course I provide a worksheet full of possible questions you might be asked during the interview – all based on the competencies. I also provide detail on how to structure your answer and the types of answers that will tick the boxes for the assessors.

I’ve included some of these questions below to give you a flavour of what you will experience on my Online Police Assessment Centre Preparation Course.

If you have any questions about it please do get in touch.

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Motivation / Values

What values do you believe are important for a police officer to have (explain why and impact of officers having these values on communities)

Serving the Public

Can you describe a time when you have had to work in partnership with others?

Openness to Change

Can you describe a time where you have had to change the way in which you work?

Service Delivery

Describe a time when you have managed multiple tasks?


Provide an example of when you have challenged someone’s inappropriate behaviour?

Decision Making 

Have you ever made a mistake and how did you rectify it?

Working with Others

Can you describe a time when you have had to persuade others of the benefits of a particular approach?

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