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Our Story

Bluelight founder, Brendan O’Brien, was a highly influential officer in the GMP, before retiring in 2013 to help others achieve their goals.

After retiring from the police, Brendan made the decision to form a company that could help aspiring police officers start a career as fulfilling as his own was. Since then, Bluelight has gone on to help thousands of individuals succeed through the police recruitment process as a result of the support and guidance set up by Brendan.

As a sergeant in the Greater Manchester Police, Brendan acted as a police trainer, assessor, and internal quality assurer, and developed others in similar positions. During this time, he also studied towards an MA in Education, where he was awarded a distinction for his research into improving police personnel evaluation and assessment systems. From this research, Brendan was invited to join various high-level organisations involved in developing new methods of police assessment.

In his final decade in the police, Brendan acted as a response and neighborhood inspector. His work within the communities of Greater Manchester during this time was lauded as ‘inspirational’ by many high-ranking individuals (including a Prime Minister), and once retired, Brendan wanted this inspiration to continue.

Now, as well as inspiring and supporting potential police recruits, Brendan also supports councils and police forces through workshops and courses, centering on advanced problem solving and community engagement. He has spoken at several conferences on this very subject, and also advises in this area as a member of the International Advisory Board for Unity – an EU project, which is aiming to improve the relationship between citizens and the police across Europe.

Brendan’s career has been and continues to be extremely fulfilling and exciting, and he feels passionate about opening up this opportunity for others, too. Bluelight will provide you with all the support and guidance you need to succeed in this field, and we can’t wait to support you throughout your career.

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