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What is the 10 Day Challenge?

With the COVID-19 Pandemic upon us, the Police Recruitment process has changed overnight. I’ve spoken to 1000’s of you through Webinars and Facebook Live Workshops where you have expressed how confused you are by all the changes, and how this is causing you to feel anxious and worried.

The Police have had to start all over again with everything they do in the Police Recruitment Process.

Which is why I have developed the ’Start Over Challenge – How to Succeed in the NEW Police Recruitment Process in Just 10 Days!’ which will be run through our Facebook group.

On 20th May in the Bluelight Police Recruitment Facebook Support Group (with over 10,000 members!) I’m going to teach you how to manage specific parts of the Police Recruitment Journey. And at the end of each one I’m going to set you a challenge connected with that subject. You’ll have 24 hours to step up to that challenge and to record your results in the Facebook Group.

Before the next challenge starts I will choose the one that has succeeded the most and award that person a free place on one of my courses or access to 1-2-1 coaching with me (it’s up to you what you get!)

Day 1 – Preparing for the process, working on your mindset, getting ready for massive and obsessive action!

Day 2 – How to prepare for and frame your application form answers – learning from the experience of 1000s who have gone before you

Day 3 – Understanding how to deliver outstanding answers to questions from the Police Competency and Values Framework

Day 4 – Why do you want to join the police? More than just clichés and vague statements. how to deliver an answer that reflects your story in a real, authentic and emotional way

Day 5 – How will being a police officer impact on your life? How to realistically answer this question with a knock out ending

Day 6 – How to prepare for Stage 1 of the NEW Online Police Assessment Process – Situational Judgement Tests. More than just being yourself in answering them, hoe to be the best version of your future constable!

Day 7 – How to prepare for Stage 2 of the NEW Online Police Assessment Process – Delivering a knock out answer and why you should think of this as not an interview at all!

Day 8 – How to prepare for Stage 3 of the NEW Online Police Assessment Process – Structuring a written response to a Community Problem – the only template you will ever need!

Day 9 – How to prepare for Stage 3 of the NEW Online Police Assessment Process – Presenting a briefing using techniques that will overpower the assessors!

Day 10 – The In-Force Interview – How to tell your story with authenticity, structure, depth and emotion


On each day I will teach you the fundamentals of each one of these stages

Any anxiety or confusion you did feel will disappear, as you immerse yourself in this process and learn by doing.

By taking massive and obsessive steps towards success in your Police Recruitment Journey you’ll go from that feeling of ‘this is the career for me’ to the warrant card in your pocket.

The 10 Day Start Over Challenge will get your destination.


About Us

Bluelight are dedicated to providing outstanding development opportunities for aspiring police officers, serving police officers / staff and community safety professionals. Over the past three years Bluelight has successfully provided training support for police officers and PCSOs from North Yorkshire Police, Lancashire Constabulary, Cumbria Police, Thames Valley Police and the Royal Cayman Islands Police.

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About Brendan

Brendan O'Brien was a highly influential officer in the GMP

Brendan formed Bluelight as he retired from the police a few years ago. Since then he has gone on to inspire over 2500 to succeed through the police recruitment guidance delivered by Bluelight.

About 97% of those who attend Brendan’s Police Assessment Centre Seminars, online courses or 1-2-1 coaching have gone on to pass.

As a sergeant in GMP Brendan qualified as a police trainer, assessor and internal quality assurer with a responsibility for developing student police officers, police trainers and the assessors of police trainers. During this time he also studied for a Masters in Education where he was awarded a distinction for his research into improving police personnel evaluation and assessment systems. Following on from his research he was invited to join the Police Skills and Standards Organisation (PSSO – now Skills for Justice) Standards and Qualifications Steering Group where he provided support for the development of the police competency framework. He was also a member of the PSSO Assessment Strategy Group, which introduced the first national assessment strategy for the police service.

His last decade in the police was spent operational as a response and neighbourhood inspector.

‘Inspirational’ is how a Prime Minister, a Home Secretary, a Policing Minister and a Baroness have described Brendan’s work within the communities of Greater Manchester as a Neighbourhood inspector.

As well as supporting potential recruits Brendan also supports councils and police forces with workshops and courses on advanced problem solving and community engagement. He has spoken at several conferences on the subject and also advises in this subject area as a member of the International Advisory Board for Unity an EU project which is aiming to improve the relationship between citizens and the police across Europe. Brendan is also an associate with the College of Policing in their Organisational Development Unit.

Now it’s your turn – this website will provide you with all the support and guidance you need to succeed in the police recruitment process.


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