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Full Access to Police Assessment Centre Preparation Course

Only £59

Interactive Webinars + Full Access to Police Assessment Centre Preparation Course

Only £159

Upgrade From Police Assessment Centre Preparation Course, To Include Webinars

Only £114

Full Access to Police Recruitment Interview Preparation Course

Only £69

If you are an existing Bluelight Client, purchase this and receive a free upgrade to include webinars.

Interactive Webinars + Full Access to Police Recruitment Interview Preparation Course

Only £99

Full Access to Recruitment Interview Preparation Course + Personalised 2 hour 1-2-1 Coaching via Zoom

Only £249

Upgrade from Interview Course Only to Webinars

Only £40

Course Members ONLY – Unlimited Webinars Plus Access to Recordings of Previous Webinars (Over a year of webinars plus Direct Entry Detective webinars)

Access to Recordings of Interview Webinars Only

Only £40

Access to a years worth of recordings of previous 2 hour webinars (This does not allow access to the online course or to live interactive webinars). Over a year of webinars plus Direct Entry Detective webinars.

Police Assessment Centre and Interview Preparation Courses

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The ‘Online Assessment Centre’ Preparation Course

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all Home Office (and CNC) Police Forces have to put their candidates through the College of Policing Online Police Assessment Centre. With no human interaction at any point, you have to know how to manage a completely virtual process. This assessment has nothing to do with your ability to be a police officer, or your values – all it tests is your ability to apply the right systems and processes to each stage.

I have been coaching and supporting candidates through the police recruitment process for almost a decade, and have seen over 10,000 candidates successfully join the police force as a result of my support. It didn’t take me long to adapt that support to one of the most formulaic processes I have ever witnessed.

I am so confident you will succeed I can afford to offer a full refund (subject to T&Cs) if you don’t pass.

What will I get in the Online Course?

For a one-time payment of £59 inc VAT, you will have access to the full Online Course, containing all the information you need to succeed at every single stage of the recruitment process.

For Stage 1 of the process:

You will get guidance on how to be the best version of your future Constable Self – forget acting naturally and answering the questions as honestly as you can (in the here and now). Apply the tactics I show you and you will pass – not one client has ever failed at this stage.

For Stage 2 of the process:

I will show you what the questions are likely to be and how each answer is marked.  I have worked with and for The College of Policing on four occasions during my career and I know how they think – they are so predictable. I developed the questions and marking guide before anyone in the country had sat their Stage 2 and they have since been described as ‘On the Money’ by so many clients.

I will also show you how to answer the questions and fill five minutes with a point scoring structure using SAARLKU method. This is how so many of my clients have scored 100% in this stage.

For Stage 3 of the process:

You will learn how to use Advanced Police Community Engagement and Problem Solving techniques to develop a template that will enable you to answer every question posed in the Written and Briefing Elements of Stage 3. My clients regularly score in the 70/80% band in their Stage 3 and a small % have scored in the 90% band, by simply applying these templates.

Why do my Stage 3 techniques work so well? As an Inspector in G.M.P. I served for several years as the head of a Neighbourhood Team where I worked alongside the Home Office on projects that pioneered new ways of Problem Solving, ones that many forces still aspire to. My last year of service was spent in the HQ Strategic Change Branch trying to embed these new ways into practice. On retiring I was co-opted into the International Advisory Board for the 3 year European Union ‘Unity’ Project that sought to improve the problem solving capabilities of Police Forces across Europe. I have since worked with Councils and Police Forces to help improve their Problem Solving / Community Engagement methods and have spoken at numerous conferences both in the UK and across Europe. Combined with a track record in tackling Organised Crime Groups, this experience places me perfectly to advise and guide you through your Stage 3.

What will I get in the Online Course plus Webinar Option?

While the Online Course on its own provides you with all the Knowledge and Understanding you need to pass the Online Assessment Centre, the Online Course Plus Webinar option also provides you with over 8 hours of interactive practical exercises that will ensure  you are not just ready for the OAC, but are set to achieve high scores in every stage. In over a year of running the OAC Course Plus Webinars option not one person has failed and asked for a refund. Not one. This is why I can afford my ‘Fail and you get a Full Refund’ Guarantee!

All this, as well as an incredible bonus:

– Access to a private Facebook group, where you can join thousands of existing members, with whom you can interact, get support, exchange questions, and even find a mentor

– Additional coaching from Brendan on the Facebook group, with regular updates and relevant information

With the webinar option – access to a course specific Facebook Group where members practice with each other and share their learning (typically each course has 10-15 members)

Force Interview Courses

What will I get in the Interview Online Course (All Forces, including Direct Entry Detective, Police Now, CNC, MDP and BTP)?

For only £69 inc VAT, you will gain access to the entire Police Recruitment Interview Online Course. This course will teach you everything you need to know to pass your recruitment interview with flying colours:

– How to manage online interviews

– The one thing that 90% of candidates don’t do (which subsequently makes them fail)

– What preparation you must do for the interview

– Types of questions: Commercial Awareness, Challenges, Values, Competency, Motivation, What-If Scenarios

– Why you shouldn’t focus on ‘learning’ or ‘knowing’ the Competency Frameworks in your preparation

– The level of detail interviewers require

– The structure that will provide the detail they are looking for

– Strengths-based questions

– How to supercharge your answers by introducing authenticity and emotion into them

– How to manage presentations

– Bespoke advice for Police Forces with their own unique approach (such as NYP, NorPol, Derbyshire, Notts Police)

For GMP (Direct Entry Detective) and Met Police – How to manage role play scenarios

– For Direct Entry Detective Interviews and Assessments – How to manage: the In-Tray Exercise, Briefings, Case Studies and Presentations.

– For Police Now – Guidance on each stage of the process, including Neighbourhood Problem, Role Plays and Interview

What will I get in the Interview Online Course (All Forces, including Direct Entry Detective, Police Now, CNC, MDP and BTP) and Webinar Option

Access to a two hour interactive webinar where you will practice likely interview questions with me as part of a group of up to 15 people (typically around 10). These are run every two weeks on alternate Sunday evenings. See course dates Section.

All this, plus bonuses:

– Access to a private Facebook group, where you can practice, exchange information or advice, and get regular updates on police interview methods and live coaching sessions from Brendan

– Access to the videos and worksheets that compliment the course

– A two-hour interactive webinar where you can practice the skills you have learned in the course

1-2-1 Personalised Coaching

What will I get?

Everything above, as well as:

Full access to Bluelight’s Police Recruitment Interview Online Course

Personalised 1-2-1 coaching via Zoom meetings in two one-hour blocks. Limited availability. Includes a recording of the session.

Access to a Private Facebook group, where you can get additional coaching from Brendan and interact with other candidates

What do our clients say about us?

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Terms and Conditions

For the ‘Fail at the Online Assessment Centre and receive a FULL refund’ or ‘Fail at your interview and receive a FULL refund’ policy, the following Terms and Conditions apply:

Your purchase must have been made from 23rd October 2020 onwards.

You must send proof of failure to on the same day you receive notification (the end of the day is defined as 2359hrs).

You must send proof via that you have completed all of the worksheets in the course you purchased (exceeding the required word counts) as well as your five 5-minute practice videos for each one of the questions that form your Stage 2 practice and the 3 minute answers to the questions in the Stage 3 Briefing Exercise to This proof must also be sent on the same day as notification of failure – the end of the day is defined as 2359.

Please note: This service enables you to carry out a digital download of the information and guidance held within the course. As such, as soon as you register or are provided access to the Client Only Facebook Group, where further guidance is held in digital form, no refund is available.

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